Landowners Voice Opposition to Wind Turbines in Madison County

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DEXTER, Iowa  --  In May, MidAmerican Energy announced the Arbor Hill wind farm project, which includes the construction of 125 wind turbines. That project began this summer in Adair County.

"Another 52 turbines have been approved to be installed in Madison County," said Dave Marsh of Adair-Madison Avenue in Dexter. "And we're fighting the turbines from going into Madison County. We live in Madison County."

Dave and Shelley Marsh live on the county line in Dexter.

"We have lived here since 1978," said Dave. "We've improved our property ever since we moved in."

The couple is opposed to the new wind turbines.

"I don't want the wind turbines," said Dave. "I just don't want them. My wife's had medical issues and I don't want that creating worse migraines for her, and we like the skyline the way it is and we feel that Madison County hasn't proven that they need the turbines."

"These will exasperate those issues," said Shelley. "They will make them worse. We've done a lot of studies and a lot of research."

Dave and Shelley explained many reasons why they're opposed to the wind turbines, including concerns over light and noise, as well as worries their property value will decrease because of them.

"The main thing is, we don't want to be surrounded with wind turbines," said Dave. "We like the surrounding area just the way it is."

"Bottom line is, it's about money," said Shelley. "The county wants it and the landowners want it. It's not about money for us. It's about our well-being and our health and our safety, the county's environment and their safety. We like the way our county looks the way it is. We want it to be this way for future generations."

Tina HoffmanDirector of Corporate Communications for MidAmerican Energy, provided the following statement to Channel 13:

"MidAmerican Energy is pleased that the Madison County Board of Adjustment voted earlier this month to approve the applications we filed with Madison County relating to the Arbor Hill wind farm.

"Each year, more than half the energy used by our customers comes from wind energy, which helps to keep rates low. Wind energy also generates positive results for Iowa communities as well, since it creates jobs and generates millions in local revenue through property tax payments that counties have used to fund critical county services. As an example, for a similar size project with 52 turbines, approximately $51 million in property taxes would be paid over the life of the project, as well as $37 million in easement payments to land owners.

"We look forward to continuing to work through the process to advance the development and construction of the Arbor Hill project."

Madison County Attorney Matt Schultz declined to comment, citing the fact that he expects there will be future litigation on this matter.


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