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LAKE CITY, IOWA — The current City Administrator and two former police officers in Lake City, Iowa are facing felony charges for reportedly lying and covering up the failure of one officer to complete law enforcement certification training.

According to online court documents, Eric Wood – Lake City’s current Administrator – is facing five felony charges and one misdemeanor. Former officers Aaron Alspach and Tony Snyder are each charged with two felonies. Those charges include:

Eric Wood

  • Felonious Misconduct in Office
  • Preventing Apprehension or Obstructing Prosecution
  • Suborning Perjury – 2 counts
  • Perjury – 2 counts

Aaron Alspach

  • Felonious Misconduct in Office
  • Perjury

Tony Snyder

  • Felonious Misconduct in Office
  • Perjury

Alspach was hired as a police officer in Lake City in 2020, though he lacked law enforcement certification at the time. State law required him to get that certification through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy within one year, but Alspach failed to do so – according to reports from KCIM radio. The charges against the three men are tied to that certification failure.

Among the accusations in the Trial Information released on Thursday, all three men are accused of falsifying a public record and committing perjury. Wood is also accused of destroying or concealing evidence and suborning – or inducing – Alspach and Snyder to commit perjury.

All three men are scheduled to be arraigned in Calhoun County on October 3rd.