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The lights were shining bright, the warming shed was fully staffed and open, but where were all the skaters?

On a quest to cover a variety of outdoor activities Channel 13’s Andy Fales found himself alone in Boone.

What’s that saying we have here in Iowa, “if you build it, he will come?” Apparently that doesn’t apply to skating ponds.

The ice is great, the lights are on and inside the old warming house there`s a fire going, but the place is empty both inside and out.

“I`ve seen 20+ kids on multiple occasions, mostly hockey, I think, they get the goals set up and play,” volunteer Koby Pritchard said.

The old pond at McHose Park has ideal ice conditions, but other than volunteers Koby and Jordan, there`s no one there.

Since the 1950s, the place has been a Boone staple, but this is the first year in a while that it`s been cold enough to open.

“I like it a lot! I live right up the road and I get to drive by almost every day and it`s good to see the kids out playing all the time,” said volunteer Jordan Overland.

Well, except this time.  The sticks and pucks are waiting for anyone to take `em and go!

Admission to the rink is free and skates are available for rent.