Kossuth County Assessing High Water Damage on Roads

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ALGONA, Iowa  --  With rain still falling, Kossuth County Engineer Doug Miller is keeping a tally. The count is for the spots on county roadways that will need attention once the flood waters go down.

“We’ve identified 65 locations where we’ve had water damaging the roadways,” said Miller. “Some of it is creeks, and are actually running over the road, others are just poorly drained areas.”

The damage assessment comes quickly during a storm from a number of sources.

“Our crews know where some of the roads that are affected by heavy rains are,” said Miller. “Law enforcement keeps us up to date with where people are calling in with their concerns about water on the roads.”

Only one bridge has a potential problem, which will be inspected after the water recedes.

“We have one bridge that had a large volume of water running underneath it,” said Miller. “Once the water goes down, we want to look at that bridge and inspect it and make sure it’s safe. It’s still open to the public, we see no reason that it's endangering anyone.”

With this flood, the damage can be fixed by local crews.

“Once the water is down, we will be able to repair them ourselves,” said Miller. “We’ll be hauling gravel to them and maybe having some maintainers out and maintaining the roadways.”


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