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KNOXVILLE, Iowa- Chief Dan Losada is wrapping up his career in law enforcement, after 15 years as chief in Knoxville. He’s worked in law enforcement since 1982 in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Losada said there’s been many changes in his career.

“My first squad car did not have a cage to separate the prisoner, from the officer,” said Losada. “Also there has been many changes in uniforms, the materials.”

Over the years there have been many high points, and some tough moments.

“The officer involved shooting, where we ended up shooting and killing someone that was probably one of the toughest things I’ve had to do while I was here,” said Losada. “We’ve also had in the last year or so another homicide it ended up being justifiable homicide.”

The New York State native said he appreciates working in a small town.

“It’s a great thing to great job, I’ve had a lot of fun doing it we have your challenges every day something different going on you never know,” said Losada. “With the race track and all the people coming from out of town your opportunity to talk to people and find people from different areas, you find out what life is like elsewhere in the world.”

Retiring on Friday, he has no immediate plans to leave town.

“I’m going to take a couple months to visit my family I have a new grandchild on the way,” said Losada.

He’s also known for his car collection, on display in his office.

“People know me know that I collected police cars, police vehicles,” said Losada. “I have a little over 3000 in my collection in the first one came about as a gag gift from my brother it’s a hot wheels car, the squad car is that when it hits something one of the panels turns over to show a dent.”

Losada also has a full scale model, a car like Andy Griffith drove in the Mayberry RFD TV show.

Losada will sign off his police radio on Friday. The call will also be on Facebook Live.