IOWA CITY, Iowa — The University of Iowa Hawkeye football team ended the 2022 season on a high note with a Music City Bowl victory and an 8-5 final record. But many Hawkeye fans were left with a sour taste in their mouths by the season as the team’s offense sunk to new lows under the leadership of Offensive Coordinator Brian Ferentz – Kirk’s son.

On Wednesday, the elder Ferentz held a news conference – along with Hawkeye recruiting coordinator and his son-in-law, Tyler Barnes – to discuss the team’s recent signing class. But Ferentz also addressed the elephant in the room as he spoke to the media.

“Coaching staff update,” Ferentz said before taking questions, “as I stand here today I anticipate no changes in our staff moving forward. That’s my plan, certainly. I think we do have a terrific staff and I thought they did a good job last year under tough circumstances.”

Among those circumstances were multiple injuries to wide receivers and an inexperienced offensive line that was routinely beaten by defenses. But Ferentz said those issues are correctable, and a strong recruiting class including incoming potential starters at quarterback, tight end and wide receiver will help them do so.

“I do believe our best football is in front of us,” Ferentz said of his optimism for the team’s future. Ferentz says that taped up in his office is the 1999 Big Ten football standings. At the bottom of those standings is the 0-8 Iowa Hawkeyes under first-year head coach Kirk Ferentz. He says that 0-8 record reminds him of how far the program has come, and that it is possible to reach new levels of success despite setbacks.

“Its a good a reminder that this day in age everything is about microwave, instant gratification,” Kirk Ferentz said, “back in 1999 we had just started building. We are little further down the line now than we were then, but that’s the way we operate. It’s the way its been in this program for 33 years.”