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In a split second Amanda Genzen was in life and death situation. Wednesday while she was alone with her two young kids, Genzen experienced a ruptured cyst, and started bleeding internally. She couldn’t move to call 911, and the only people with her at the time were her 18 month-old son and 4 year old daughter.

Amanda said the pain in her stomach came on “all of a sudden.”

“I ended up just lying on the floor because I couldn`t get up it was so bad,” said Amanda, who was home alone with her two children Caidyn and Payton at the time.

“I was pretty panicked when I found out what was going on. I had just gotten off work,” said Eric, Caidyn and Payton’s father.

But as he later found out, he didn’t need to worry.  Amanda was already in capable hands.

“I said it will be ok momma, and gave her a kiss,” said 4 year old Payton, Amanda’s daughter.

Payton says when she saw her mom lying on the couch in pain; she knew exactly what to do.

“I was trying to make her be safe and feel better,” said Payton.

Payton ran across the yard to her neighbor’s house to get help

“I’d say it was about 9:00 and I heard little knocks on the door, so I went to the door knowing it was probably miss Payton,” said Brenda McDonald who lives next door to the Genzens, “She had a nervous look on her face and she said my mommy is really, really sick and we can’t find her phone will you please come help?”

Brenda McDonald and her daughter Tessa ran over right away. Brenda said it was obviously Amanda was in a lot of pain and it was serious. Brenda called Amanda’s sister, who drove Amanda straight to the hospital, dialing 911 on the way.

When Eric found out how much his young daughter did to help, he said at first he was surprised. “But she`s always had a natural knack for just helping people out, finding people that are in need of things. Even at a super young age,” said Eric.

Payton’s dad says she was actually named after his hero, athlete Walter Payton.

“I just wanted her to have a name that I felt would be greatness, and she hasn`t disappointed once, has not let me down one bit,” said Eric. Now, he has new hero to look up to. “She is definitely my number one hero now.”

Doctors told Amanda she had a considerable amount of internal bleeding; they removed about a liter of blood. Payton’s parents say this isn’t the first time she saved a life. Around this time last year, they say her little brother almost swallowed some prescription pills. Payton took the pills out of her brother’s mouth before he could ingest them. Amanda took her son to the hospital anyway, where they confirmed he had a small amount of the drugs in his system, and if he had any more it could have been fatal.