Kettlestone Seeks a Driver-Less Experience

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WAUKEE, Iowa – The Kettlestone Corridor is closer to completion, as construction crews continue to make progress on Grand Prairie Parkway in Waukee. City officials say in the $91 million project’s latest newsletter that the development will feature a pedestrian-friendliness allowing for a driver-less experience.

“A primary goal of Kettlestone is safe pedestrian accessibility from the neighborhoods and the rest of the community. Plans are to connect the neighborhood and regional trails to the Kettlestone trail network,” the monthly newsletter said. “Bike riders and walkers of all ages will be able to get to their favorite activities in Kettlestone without the use of a car.”

A 10-foot multi-use trail runs along either side of Grand Prairie Parkway between University Avenue and Ashworth Road, and a series of underpasses allow safe pedestrian travel to either side. Seven underground pedestrian crossings will allow pedestrians and bike riders to use Kettlestone’s eight miles of trails without having to cross major streets.

The Kettlestone Design Guidelines require developers who pursue projects in Kettlestone over the years to consider a number of factors to encourage pedestrian/biker-friendliness, including the provision of angled/parallel parking along roadways, adding dedicated or shared bike lanes and markings, narrowing crosswalk distances, and raising paving to pedestrian level in certain areas.

The city’s latest newsletter also highlights Kettlestone’s series of ponds used to manage storm water from University Avenue to Interstate 80. These regional detention ponds control the flow of water through the development and “have a positive impact on water quality.”

The city says these ponds will avoid the need to have a small detention pond on every developed property. All ponds will be accessible to the general public and employees of businesses which locate in Kettlestone, and will be surrounded by greenspace planted with native grasses and a network of walking trails.


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