DES MOINES, Iowa — All across the country clinics are opening that use ketamine to treat people for depression. The Iowa Ketamine Clinic is one of those clinics.

Mindy Gingery, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at the Iowa Ketamine Clinic, said that ketamine treatment works for people who have treatment-resistant depression.

“They have what we consider to be treatment-resistant depression, and that essentially means they have tried multiple medications multiple modalities, and really have had very little success with their depression,” Gingery said.

Gingery said that the ketamine clinic provides adjunctive care which is treatment alongside therapy and medication that a psychiatrist prescribes to patients. The clinic itself does not prescribe ketamine, instead, it administers the treatment prescribed by a patient’s psychiatrist.

The Iowa Ketamine Clinic is moving to a new location in West Des Moines due to the high demand it has seen.

Josh Catania, a patient at the Iowa Ketamine Clinic, said that the treatment made a difference in more than just his life.

“I think there’s something to be said about that where yeah it has a tangible effect on me but actually I think one of the most special things is the tangible effect it has on my family, my friends, my relationships, and the way I can love them and care for them in a way I probably couldn’t before,” Catania said.

Catania has struggled with depression his entire life and tried seven different medications before getting referred to a ketamine clinic.

“I had gotten to a place where I felt like I have tried literally everything to be able to just gain some ground,” Catania said.

To learn more about ketamine treatment for depression talk with your mental health professional or visit the Iowa Ketamine Clinic’s website.