DES MOINES, Iowa — Keith Jones, who is accused of street racing and causing a crash that resulted in the death of a 4-year-old, testified in his defense on Tuesday.

The defense showed a series of videos of Jones and the second driver, Robert Miller III, driving on Fleur Drive the night of the deadly crash that took the life of Marcos Faguada .

Jones described how Miller was driving close behind him and claimed Miller was enticing him to race. Jones said he was only exceeding the speed limit, not street racing, and wasn’t attempting to catch up to Miller that night. Jones also testified he called Miller’s cell phone to tell him to slow down, but Miller didn’t answer his phone.

Jones said he turned around after witnessing Miller crash into the other cars and checked on Miller to make sure he was okay.

Jones said Miller told him to go and let his family, specifically his mother, know what happened.
Jones said there was another woman near Miller giving him aid so he got back in his vehicle and drove away.

During cross examination by the prosecution, Jones admitted that he did not call 911 after witnessing the crash.

The prosecution also presented Jones’ phone log from the night of the crash, which showed Jones had not called Miller while they were driving. Jones only reiterated that he did attempt to call Miller.