IOWA — Iowa Republican lawmaker Bobby Kaufmann, the son of the Chair of the Iowa Republican Party, rejected advice from party activist Bob Vander Plaats on Twitter Wednesday, one day after Kaufmann made an obscene gesture during a rally at the statehouse.

On Tuesday, Kaufmann, a Wilton Republican, lifted both of his middle fingers to a crowd of dozens gathered in the Capitol rotunda, saying it was his message to his alleged political opponents. On Wednesday, party activist and former gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats weighed in on Kaufmann’s actions on social media. Vander Plaats shared a WHO 13 story on Kaufmann and included the message: “This is not leadership. And, it’s no way to win a debate. Look Higher. Think Bigger. Expect More. Restore Civility.”

Kaufmann responded minutes later on Twitter to Vander Plaats, questioning the activist’s true intentions. Kaufmann wrote: “Very interesting coming from you Bob… I’ve never seen you send out an email or make a statement on public policy without asking for a donation. I suppose that is your definition of “leadership.”’