DES MOINES, Iowa – Tuesday, prosecutors focused on the hours leading up to what police say was a deadly street racing crash in Des Moines.

Police say Robert Miller III lost control while racing another driver down Fleur Drive last December and he crashed into oncoming traffic killing four-year-old Marcos Faguada. Miller is charged with Homicide By Vehicle – Reckless Driving, Homicide By Vehicle – Drag Racing, Serious Injury By Vehicle – Reckless Driving, among other charges.

Prosecutors played a security video of Miller at a bar on Army Post Road before the crash. A blood-alcohol test taken five hours after the crash showed Miller was below the legal limit.

Prosecutors also showed a video of Miller in the hospital after the crash. At that point, Miller said he did not remember the crash.

After showing the video prosecutors rested their case.

The defense will begin presenting its case Wednesday morning.

The driver of the second vehicle involved in the incident, Keith Jones, is scheduled to go on trial June 26.