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DES MOINES, Iowa — The weekend winter storm delayed jury selection for a few hours in Terri Supino’s murder trial Monday.

She’s accused of killing two people at the Copper Dollar Ranch in Jasper County back in 1983. A judge moved the trial from Newton to Waterloo due to pre-trial publicity.

Potential jurors who may face unusual hardships by serving were excused from the jury pool Monday. The court expects this trial to last about three weeks and a lot of ground will be covered in those three weeks.

Fifty-four-year old Theresa Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband Steven Fisher, and his girlfriend Melissa Gregory, 30-years ago at the Copper Dollar Ranch just northwest of Newton.

Because of the length of the investigation, there are more than 4,000 pages of police reports and at least 40 witnesses to be called — including officers who worked on the case and family members of both victims.

Jurors will also be shown the camper where the murders took place. It has been brought to Waterloo for the trial.

Much of what will be presented to jurors during the trial is not a matter of public record, so we still don’t know exactly what evidence will be shown.

Jury selection continues Tuesday in Black Hawk County.