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NEVADA, Iowa — The jury heard from the mother of accused killer Alexander Kozak, 23, on Wednesday. Kozak is accused of fatally shooting Andrea Farrington, 20, at Coral Ridge Mall on June 12.

Andrea’s younger sister, Cassie Farrington, faced Kozak in court on Wednesday, but not for the first time.

“My sister was getting her hair done, so I wondered if it was him and he came up and said, ‘Hi’ to me,” Cassie Farrington said.

Cassie Farrington
Cassie Farrington

Next, the defense also called Farrington’s longtime boyfriend.

“Andrea and I had gone through a rough patch,” said Connor Sirovy. “Andrea and I loved each other. There was no doubt about that.”

He said it no secret to him that Farrington had some interest in Kozak. But that changed when she became afraid of him.

Kozak’s mom took the stand for her son, telling the jury that he did have a quick temper.

“Just angry quickly over simple things,” Cyndy McComas said.

Leading up to the shooting, she said her son was frustrated and angry at work. She also said she wasn’t surprised to hear about the shooting.

When asked why she wasn’t surprised, the defense objected.

Kozak Recordings

Prosecutors played a recording of Kozak, 23, following his arrest along Interstate 80 near Davenport. Kozak sounded calm as he told investigators how he drove home, got his gun and shot Farrington three times in the back inside the busy mall.

“At the moment, I didn’t feel anything after I shot her. I just took off. I didn’t feel remorse. I didn’t feel good or anything. I just didn’t feel.  When I was driving along the highway, it hit me that was pretty stupid,” Kozak said in his interview with police.


One of his statements stood out to investigators.

“If he had the opportunity to say one more thing to Andrea, if she were in the car with us and I noted that there was an extended pause, in fact there was an even a sigh. And then an additional pause, and that’s when he responded that you would have the right to be afraid of me,” Division of Criminal Investigation agent Rick Rahn testified.

The married mall security guard also went into detail about why he killed Farrington.

He claims he snapped and killed Farrington because she was “back-stabbing”  and “blood-sucking,” and he was done being “strung along.”  Farrington had called off their relationship earlier that day.

Kozak later admitted that he knew what he was doing the whole time and knew that it was wrong.  When asked if he’d ever been treated for any kind of mental illness he said “No.”  The defense tried to get some of Wednesday’s testimony thrown out, but the judge allowed it.

Kozak’s defense is trying to show that he snapped when he gunned down Farrington. The defense says Kozak was mentally ill and should not be punished for first-degree murder. His anger allegedly didn’t have to do with Farrington, but rather a work-related issue.

Investigators say Kozak showed no emotion or remorse after confessing to shooting the woman he thought he loved. The state maintains he murdered Farrington after she called off their relationship.

The trial is expected to continue into next week.

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