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WATERLOO, Iowa — Testimony continued Monday in the Copper Dollar Ranch murder trial, where Terri Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband and his girlfriend back in 1983.

Steven Fisher and Melissa Gregory were found beaten to death at the ranch near Newton.  Gregory’s body was found inside a camper on the property and Fisher’s body was found a few feet away.

Monday jurors heard from a DCI agent who talked about inconsistencies in Supino’s story.

Jurors also watched excerpts of video interviews police conducted with Supino, including one where she admits she was at the ranch the night before the bodies were found.  But she says would never start a physical confrontation with Fisher.  “No. I never did that.” She said, “That was one thing I never did.  Because I knew he could overpower me. I knew better.”

Throughout the trial we have heard testimony about how Steven Fisher would allegedly abuse Supino and Gregory. Still Supino has claimed that she went to the ranch the night before the bodies were found, in part, to make Fisher mad.

“So you’re afraid of Steven why did you go out there that night to piss him off?” DCI Special Agent Adam DeCamp asked Supino, “I don’t understand that. I haven’t understood that from the day first picked this case up.” Supino replied, “I don’t understand it either. Ok. Really. I told you. I was mentally, physically, emotionally abused all that time I was with him.”

DeCamp testified that there is no physical evidence including blood, hair, or fingerprints that directly link Supino to the crime.

Testimony is expected to wrap up this week or early next week.