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State Farm conducted a survey with  KRC Research  and found that 60 per cent of drivers have junk in their trunk. While, 99-percent actually had one item in their vehicle which could be used in emergency situations, such as jumper cables. Here is a list of things you should have: jumper cables, spare tire, hazard triangle or road flares, a flashlight, first aid kit, water, and a blanket.

“Not only do you have it in your car..but does it work,” said State Farm Agent Kari Durham Taylor, of Urbandale. “State Farm Safety experts recommend that people check that at least twice a year to verify that their spare tire is inflated that their cell phone charger does work in the particular car that they’re driving now,” she added.

The survey found most drivers seldom check their emergency supplies and that as a rule, parents carry a bit more junk in the trunk.