Judge Hanson Responds to Justice Retention Vote

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Here Comes the Judge: I don’t know that this qualifies as irony. But it is a bit weird. Iowans voted out the 3 supreme court justices who were up for retention this past Tuesday. They were all part of that unanimous, 7-member decision last year that allowed same-sex marriages. The votes were all relatively close for the three on election night, but not close enough for them as they will all be kicked off the bench by year’s end. The court case actually began with a district court judge’s ruling. That judge was Robert Hanson. His 63-page ruling back in 2007 first legalized same-sex marriages. The case then ended up before the supreme court. Here’s the weird twist in this case…voters overwhelmingly retained Hanson on Tuesday. I talked with the judge about what he thought about everything that’s happened. He told me this:

“I’m extremely grateful for the support from Polk County voters. Unfortunately, I’m also totally disheartened with what’s happened to the three supreme court justices. It’s a shocking, SHOCKING lack of appreciation of our judicial system.”

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