Johnston Town Center opens ice rink with synthetic ice


JOHNSTON, Iowa – On the day before Thanksgiving, some Johnston residents were testing out something to be thankful for – a new skating rink at the Johnston Town Center. The rink is a part of the green space in front of the new City Hall to serve as a gathering place for residents of this northwest suburb of Des Moines.

“So we’re officially opening the new synthetic ice rink here at the town center this is a synthetic product so it’s not actual ice,” said David Wilwerding, Johnston’s Community Development Director. “We can literally use it all year-round if we want, although in the summer we do pull the ice up and we have a splash pad here on the patio.”

The City Hall Town Center is designed to be a public private partnership.

“We have two commercial buildings going up that will be home businesses,” said Wilwerding. “We’ve got room for additional buildings and commercial uses around here as well.

Surveys indicated that Johnston residents wanted a gathering space. This community has never had a traditional downtown, so the area in front of City Hall will now serve that purpose.

The community will be holding a public event at the Yard at Town Center on Saturday afternoon.

“The event will start at 1 o’clock and goes till five in the evening, said Janet Wilwerding, Johnston Communications Manager. ” From one to two, we will have free  ice-skating, and then at 5 o’clock we will do our tree lighting up there on the amphitheater by the City Hall.

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