JOHNSTON, Iowa — Super Bowl Sunday will be filled with football, friends and, of course, plenty of food. For Gerald Young of Johnston, it’s extra special because some big-game spreads around the Metro may be covered in his barbecue sauce, Young G’s.

After leaving the U.S. Army, Young needed something new. In 2011, he started his business, Young G’s Barbecue Sauce. Fast forward to today, his sauce and salad dressing are available in several stores across the Metro and he’s looking to expand his business. He’s also recently started a nonprofit promoting healthy condiments.

“Young G’s is made differently than regular American-made barbecue sauces, that’s thick and that smoke and hickory taste. No, I decided to make something that really just draws people to wanting more of, instead of less of,” Young said.

He didn’t only want to improve the flavor by adding tamarind to give Young G’s its signature citrus tang, Young wanted to make a difference with his special sauce. The product is gluten-free, doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup, and is low in sodium.

“I did a lot of research on Celiac disease or what can give us diabetes within condiments and high blood pressure,” he said. “So, throughout my research and study, I realized I had to make a product that would eliminate those kinds of health complications.”

Young recently parlayed his healthy recipe into a new goal. He’s trying to raise awareness about some of the potential health risks of eating too many traditional condiments.

Iowa State Food Science and Human Nutrition Department Chair Lorraine Lanningham-Foster said many people eat a lot of sodium and don’t need the extra helping condiments add to their diet.

“When it comes to sodium and sugar, added sugar in particular, we tend to get way more of those than we need in our diets,” she said. “And so when we’re adding more of them through a condiment, then we’re adding more that is maybe not necessary.”

For Young, a healthier product is a good marketing point. It’s also a way to leave his mark.

“I get a chance to do something in life to make a difference in other people’s lives and it really makes me feel good about it. It shows that, you know, I’m not just here on this earth to be here, I’m here to make a difference,” he said.

In addition to being sold in several stores in the Metro, Young G’s barbecue sauce is also available on Young is also looking to expand his product in China.