JOHNSTON, IOWA – Firefighters with the Johnston-Grimes Metro Fire Department were out on some not-so-thin ice Monday morning, training for ice rescues.

The department was at the pond in Johnston’s Pointe Vista Park, where firefighters practiced techniques on how to rescue someone who has fallen through the ice.

Officials said it’s the perfect time to train as temperatures have fluctuated between cold and mild so far this winter and that can lead to weak ice on ponds and lakes.

“We’re not overly concerned about having a rescue on a day like today with the thickness of the ice. But as the weather starts to change and we get the 40-degree days, that ice is going to get thinner. And it’s going to become bad underneath, while it may look good up top … as you progress across it or walk across it you may fall through,” said Lt. Nic Hutchinson with the Johnston-Grimes Metro Fire Department.

The department will be doing more training sessions on Wednesday and Friday of this week at the same pond.