DES MOINES – The Johnston Community School Board will be voting Monday night on whether or not to replace early outs for students with more days off.

The extra day off would be for teachers to work on professional development training. Currently, Johnston students get out of class one hour early every Wednesday for professional development which teachers think isn’t enough time to make progress.

Lynn Meadows, the Director of Communications and Board Secretary at Johnston Community School District said that more than half of the district’s teachers were in favor of the change.

“Teachers were saying that they would benefit more from full-day professional development days because they say that one hour every Wednesday by the time they help the kids get on the bus they really don’t have an hour,” Meadows said.

One of the potential concerns that parents voiced was how to deal with childcare on the days off. However, Johnston has worked to accommodate them.

“We’ve been looking over the past month or so to address these concerns we have a program called KTC here in Johnston that’s our after-school program and that childcare will be available to families if they need it on these full-day professional development days as long as those families register in advance for that need,” Meadows said.

The Johnston school board will vote on the updated academic calendar changes during a meeting that begins at 6 pm Monday night.