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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The first candidate to announce a run for President in 2020 is on the final leg of his attempt to complete the “Full Grassley”.

The term for a visit to all 99 counties was coined by former Des Moines Register reporter Jason Noble.  Senator Charles Grassley has made a habit of visiting every county at least once every year.  It’s a tour that presidential candidates are challenged to complete before our first in the nation caucuses.  By the end of this month Maryland Congressman John Delaney will complete his “Full Delaney.”

Delaney is the first, and only, Democrat to announce his candidacy in 2020.  He is not running for re-election this year in Maryland to focus on his campaign which he launched in July 2017.

On Wednesday he launched a five-day, eight stop bus tour that will take him to his final stops on his 99 county tour.  Along the way he’ll campaign with candidates on 2018 ballots in Iowa.  Delaney has spent much of the last year in Iowa, spreading a message about making US policy reflect the reality of life in America in 2020.

Delaney says too many Americans no longer work a single full-time job.  He says, then, that health care should not be tied to our jobs.  Instead he is promoting universal health care.  For his plan to work Delaney says he’ll need to win over more than just Democrats in the next two years.

“I think there is a huge opportunity for the Democratic party to unify progressives, centrists and non-Trump Republicans into a coalition that can win and govern and really get things done for the American people,” Delaney said at a bus tour launch event.