LOST JOBS: Boone Trucking Company Closing

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Dozens of Central Iowa workers will soon be out of work.

Employees at Madden Ltd. in Boone have been notified that for many of them, Friday will be their last day on the job.

Two employees told Channel 13 that up to 75 people will be affected by the layoffs.

Channel 13 tried several times to reach out to the company for comment; however they wouldn’t confirm or deny the layoffs were occurring.

Stephen Riker said it was just last week when he got a call he was out of a job.

“I was down in Des Moines unloading Pepsi, and he called and said by the way we’re laying you off next week, then I said what you screwing with me or what, and he said no we’re laying you off,” says Stephen Riker of Boone.

Riker has driven a truck for Madden Ltd. Trucking Company in Boone for nearly 23 years and said the news came as a shock.

“It is a bad situation, you know only one week notice, I figured they would at least give us two weeks,” says Riker.

Madden Trucking Company does a lot of interstate transport and has been open since the seventies.

Riker said the entire company is shutting down, leaving 55 drivers and 20 office workers and mechanics out of work.

“I had one more run this last Monday and I thought that was the end of it, and then he called yesterday and said I had another load for today and tomorrow out to Indiana, so this is probably my last one,” says Riker.

Riker says he’ll spend the next several weeks looking for another job but may have to file unemployment, he says he never thought he would have to look into doing another career after dedicating so many years to one company.

“I thought I’d drive until I couldn’t drive anymore,” says Riker.

Channel 13 spoke to another truck driver from Madden who also confirmed he was laid off and was asked to clean out his truck this week.

We also contacted Iowa Workforce Development who said a company has to report to them if they are letting go of 50 or more workers at one time, however there hasn’t been word on if that report has been filed.


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