GRANGER, Iowa — The sun defrosted central Iowa in style after a week of cold and brutal storms. Some people used the warm-up to get back in touch with the outdoors.

Jester Park’s campground filled up on Friday as temperatures rose to the mid-60s throughout the day. Some campers said the park became their first stop when they learned about the warm week ahead.

“We just wait all year until we can get in here,” said Sherry Addy. “You just want the freezing weather to go and it’s the first thing. We’ve got spring fever and we want to come out to Jester.”

“I grew up in South Florida, and there was sun all the time, but in a way this makes you appreciate the sun more when it shows its face,” said Darlene LePon, Addy’s camping partner. “That’s just one of the deals you have to work around in Iowa.”

You can find information on camping at Jester Park and other sites around Polk County at this link.