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SULLY, Iowa – The Jasper County Sheriff’s office is investigating fraudulent practices to provide inadequate services or products.

A male, who identified himself at Jeffery Smith of Missouri, approached a Sully couple Wednesday. He said that he had just finished a paving job and had left over asphalt. He said there would be no wait if they wanted him to pave their driveway.

The couple told the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office that about nine or ten workers worked on their driveway. They said that Smith asked them weird questions, like if they had kids, and if they would approve of the work.

Smith asked for $3,600 for the work but the couple talked him down to $2,500. Smith collected his money and left.

Officials say that instead of asphalt, Smith used “milling” which is a component used in the mixture of asphalt, but is not actually asphalt.

The Sheriff’s office is asking anyone with similar experiences to call their local sheriff’s office as soon as possible.