NEW YORK CITY — Iowa’s favorite superhero, Norwalk-native Jason Momoa, returns this weekend to host Saturday Night Live for the second time.

The Aquaman star’s first appearance on the show was almost exactly five years ago, in an episode heavy on the holiday themes.

Momoa says getting invited back is an even bigger honor because he says it means he didn’t screw it up the first time around.

“I don’t think anything compares to doing SNL. The rehearsals, I wish they let you watch some of the rehearsals because that’s like bottled energy and beauty. That is just. The nerves are insane. It’s in between, like, laughing, crying, puking. It’s pretty amazing,” said Momoa.

Tate McRae will be the musical guest this week and you can catch the show right after the WHO 13 News at 10 on Saturday.