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MARION COUNTY, Iowa —  Attorneys for Jason Carter are asking a judge to vacate the judgment in his civil trial or grant a new trial.

A petition requesting the new trial was filed this afternoon in Marion County.  It is based on new evidence uncovered during the discovery phase of the criminal case.  The new evidence, according to Jason Carter’s attorneys, point to at least two other individuals believed to be responsible for killing Shirley Carter during a botched burglary at the Carter home in 2015.

“This evidence shows that not only is Jason Carter innocent but that someone else pulled that trigger,” attorney Alison Kanne said.

Those individuals, Joel and John Followill are named in the brief, as are other, possible accomplices.

The brief also alleges the investigation by the State, specifically the Department of Criminal Investigation was incomplete and/or biased.

“We firmly believe that if we had access to this information the outcome would have been different,” Kanne said.

You can see the court documents here:

Carter Brief in Support of Petition for Relief

Carter Petition for Relief