It’s Stressful Being a Wrestling Mom

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Wrestle Moms still

DES MOINES, Iowa-While wrestling at the State Tournament can be tough for the wrestlers, it is also very stressful for the wrestling Moms. Nancy Renner-Jones was in Des Moines to watch her son Cody Jones wrestle in his senior year for Oskaloosa.
“It’s really stressful, I don’t know if people realize how much stress wrestling Moms have,” said Renner-Jones. “Sometimes I watch, sometimes I just can’t.”

“I don’t watch my son,” said Lisa Cocoran, who came to support her son Callin. “I close my eyes and plug my ears and wait until after the match to find out who wins who loses.”

A couple of years ago Renner-Jones’ fears were realized when a wrestler did an illegal move on her son, slamming him to the mat and knocking Cody out cold. Her son was not injured but she thought that experience was kind of scary.

Moms are also the ones who deal with their wrestler when they suffer loss on the mat. “It’s heart breaking your son, or daughter,” said Cocoran. “When they do lose you can’t mend their broken heart.”

Being a wrestling Mom also has rewards. “It’s wonderful, it’s been a great journey,” said Renner-Jones. “They really develop skills, as a Mom it’s been awesome for me to get together with my wrestling friends every season.”

“It takes a lot of dedication my son’s 8 and we wrestle every weekend with our little son too,” said Cocoran. “We love wrestling we’re a wrestling household too.”

For Renner-Jones this trip to Wells Fargo is a bittersweet emotional time.  Cody Jones is a senior, so this is the last time as a high school wrestler that she will be able to sit in the stands and cheer for him.


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