WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Barn Town Brewing was packed after work on Thursday for the release of their Hops for Cops brew.

The idea was to issue a special beer for the event. The proceeds were originally going to be donated to the Waukee, West Des Moines, and Dallas County Sheriff’s officers, but after Algona Officer Kevin Cram was killed while on duty, it was decided the proceeds would go to Cram’s family.

“Turned out being a beer that I was going to do with the police officers from Dallas County in Waukee and West Des Moines,” said Peter Faber, of Barn Town Brewing. “We sat down and talked about it and planned it all out, but the week after Officer Kevin Cram passed, we all got together again and discussed it again we decided to give those proceeds to Kevin’s family.”

One of those who came for Hops for Cops really appreciated what they were doing.

“It’s been so overwhelming for a community, that reach from our area in Algona down here in Des Moines and all over the state it’s just been unbelievable,” Algona Police Chief Bo Miller said. “It’s really an unbelievable thing, how everyone has stepped up for our community and our Officer Cram.”

Miller said things have now quieted down in Algona.

“There’s always healing you have to put one step forward, but I told someone today,” said Miller. “I think it’s just a new normal, we’re always going to have to just keep working every day, keep doing what we can to improve and be a better community.”

At Barn Town Faber said they should know in a few days how much this effort raised in terms of money.  Faber said he hopes Barn Town can do fundraisers in the future for other community groups, like schools.