‘It was a loss that meant nothing’: Iowa father frustrated by events in Afghanistan after losing son in line of duty


SLATER, Iowa – The chaos in Kabul is being felt all the way back in Iowa, and bringing up memories of the fallen.

David Sturdy’s son, Brandon, was killed in action 17 years ago while serving in Iraq.

“It was just a tremendous loss for me and all the families that lost,” Sturdy said. “And it was a loss that meant nothing.”

Sturdy is now feeling frustrated, questioning what US troops were fighting for in the first place and saying Americans deserve answers.

“You don’t have freedom unless you fight for it. It wasn’t our fight. We were fighting for their freedom, and they ran,” Sturdy said.

President Joe Biden addressed the nation Monday defending his decision to withdraw American soldiers, but still leaving some questions unanswered.

“You have to explain to the American people why these soldiers are maimed, disabled and killed in action for 20 years and the $2 trillion that could have been spent on infrastructure in America, health care in America and other things in America wasted over there and nothing to show for it,” Sturdy said.

Since his son’s death, Sturdy’s restaurant in Slater called Cole’s not only serves food but gives back to those who serve our country. He says when those service members come home, he’ll be here to help.

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