It Was a Historically Cold Day in Central Iowa … But Was It Really That Bad?

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DES MOINES, Iowa — There’s no way around it. This weather is historic. According to Channel 13 Meteorologist Megan Salois, for January 30th it is the coldest day since 1965, set a new record at 21 below, and broke a number of records all across the state.

The last time it was this cold on January 30th, Lyndon B. Johnson was president, and Sir Winston Churchill was laid to rest. But, it’s been a while since Iowan’s have seen cold like this regardless of the date. There were only two occasions in the last 19 years that we dropped down to 19 below.

Joyce Smith says she’s seen her fair share of Iowa winters, and this weather isn’t totally surprising.

“When I was a child, and that’s been a few years ago…I looked forward to it, we dug tunnels in our back yard and then played in them, you know, played hide and seek. It was fun, but I was too young to know that I was cold” said Smith.

That being said, she doesn’t think those staying inside need to toughen up.

“It really is dangerous, and there are so many mechanical things we count on now that could malfunction, there’s a lot of stuff that could go wrong” said Smith.

Others, like Chicago Native Yasun Aught feel like people are overreacting.

“[It’s] a little dramatic because there’s still things that you can do. I mean obviously there are places of business that are still open so it’s not really all that serious for them to be acting like you can’t go anywhere, it’s perfectly fine, I went out and worked today” said Aught.

Even if somewhere a little more south is appealing.

“If I had a say? No, I would not be here. I’d rather move somewhere where it’s warmer, Texas here I come!” said Aught.


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