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Like most good news stories, the ones we’ll be airing Thursday and Friday night at 10pm came about because of viewer emails.
The first one came last summer, from an acquaintance of mine. She wrote that I needed to look into the issue of children molesting children at school. I assumed she meant kids in junior high or high school, but she told me that the daughter of a friend had become a victim while in kindergarten.
I started researching the story, and finally interviewed this mother last October. I also talked with school officials, who confirmed what the mother was telling me.
In December, an email came to the newsroom from a different mother. She wrote that her four year old daughter had been molested by four year old boys at daycare. I interviewed this woman, and the spokesman for the Iowa Department of Human Services – the agency that handles complaints against licensed daycares in the state.
We hope you’ll tune in during the next two nights to learn about this kind of behavior among young kids. We’re going to tell you about the agencies that oversee schools and daycares in Iowa, and how local police handle these sorts of cases. You’ll also hear from counselors and forensic interviewers about this kind of behavior, what causes it, and what’s normal and what’s not.
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