AMES, Iowa — Iowa State football players had to take on freezing temperatures on Saturday against Texas Tech, and so did the fans.

“It’s probably in the top five cold,” said Lisa Heuer, an Iowa State season ticket holder since 1976, as she ranked how cold Saturday was out of all the games she attended. “If there was no wind then we would be good, but you know the wind, 20 miles per hour, it’s cold.”

Temperatures reached to the low teens at kickoff, but it felt even colder. This forced fans that were tailgating to get creative on how to stay warm.

“I got handwarmers, toe warmers,” said Jack Edwards.

“We have been in the car staying warm, it’s pretty nice honestly,” said Adyson Clemens.

“We got a nice little setup, with our makeshift tent with our walls made of tarps,” said Jason Roskilly, as he gave a tour of his tailgate. “About 500 zip ties, don’t worry about that it is not here to be aesthetically pleasing, it’s the functionality, right?”

Virtually every tailgate had some sort of heat source helping the Cyclone faithful stay warm.

A Texas Tech fan traveled from Odessa, TX to see her Red Raiders play on Iowa State’s Senior Day. Even though she is from down south, she was ready for the freezing cold.

“It’s hella cold here,” said Nichole Jackson. “I did check the weather before I got here, yes, so I am layered up.”

Iowa State fans believed that the cold weather would play to the Cyclones advantage.

“You know it is football weather and everyone loves it,” said Peyton Seiple.

“We want it more. Texas Tech is going to be freezing cold, we are going to be here. They are in our element, we are ready to go,” said Thomas Edwards.