ISU Students Voting, But It’s a Weird Year

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AMES, Iowa — Students at Iowa State University know there is an election. Most have already voted, or plan to. But something is missing from this year’s election, that was present before the Iowa Caucus. That is lots and lots of people talking politics, and whom to support.

“It was during the midterm during the primaries even you could not walk on one of the sidewalk without people coming up and asking me who you’re voting for,” said Iowa State University Student Government President Morgan Fritz. going to “Now it’s a lot different, students are about 40% of what they usually are on campus and so it’s very interesting and there’s not that in-person connection that we usually see.

“I’m going home this weekend and I’m going to vote early at UNI,” said Cole Edgington, of Cedar Falls.

“I’m gonna try to vote in person when I can probably this weekend,” said Drake Ridgeway, of Center Point. “I believe they’ve got places to go to here.”

Students who have been on campus for prior elections notice a big difference this year due to the pandemic.

“Normally a campus election we have tens of thousands of students on campus,” said Jacob Schrader, the ISU Student Government Vice President. “It’s really personal with grassroots, people tabling, wearing buttons trying to hand out flyers, it has really shifted online.”

The excitement about the elections is all on social media said Schrader. One student from Linn County learned that voting absentee is not as simple as sending an email.

“It was a bit challenging because I’m from Linn County, and so we had to jump through a lot of hoops,” said Darren Heyd, an ISU student voting absentee. “I had to basically print out a PDF document, fill it out, I had to mail it in I couldn’t send an email or just had to basically send it on by mail.”

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