AMES, Iowa — In Ames this weekend there will be a series of graduation ceremonies so that all the graduates who choose to walk the stage will be able to invite family. But while many are picking up a degree, there is something many of them already possess – a job.

At the College of Engineering the Office of Engineering Career Services, Director Kallie Mullaney hosted the largest ever career fair in February. Over six hundred companies from around Iowa, and the nation took part. The big service her office provides this time of year is helping students who might have to decide from the multiple offers they have before them.

“We really emphasize looking at the total compensation package so you know it’s not just about salary you want to look at your benefits, health insurance, you know retirement plans all of those things,” said Mullaney. “Then also thinking about more the qualitative factors as well so things like you know what are you going to be happy in that area is it close to your family and friends what’s the work environment like so really looking at at the total package.”

There are many people seeking to hire an engineering grade at ISU, but one field is really getting a lot of attention.

“Right now construction engineering is what we’re seeing is our most heavily recruited,” said Mullaney. “My biggest advice or of students or even recent grads of just not being afraid to ask questions, and then utilize our resources sometimes that’s the biggest challenge at our office has is letting them know that that we’re here to help.” 

Grads for the most part have accepted a job offer, but some are waiting.

“A couple companies I talked to, nothing too much I kind of waited a little while interviewing, because time off after college,”  said Nathan Pomykala, of the Chicago area.  “I got my masters in Clean Energy technologies, so I want to do clean energy ideally.”

“I applied to a couple different companies but this one just felt like a good fit between food  science and then also masters of business,” said Emily Guifoyle, from Kansas City. She’s a fourth generation Cyclone grad in her family. 

“My classes had a bunch of people from Emerson come in, which is an engineering  firm over in Marshalltown they presented to the class and I worked at the courage to go talk to one of them shook their hands and four or five interviews later I got a job over in Marshalltown,” said Nolan King, from Council Bluffs.