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After you “Cast Your Kernel” at the Iowa State Fair, you can head to the Varied Industries building to find your name.

That is if you’re an Iowa State alum living in Iowa.

At the Iowa State University booth, a ten foot tall wall is covered with 97,000 names, all listed in tiny cardinal and gold font.

The names represent alumni who have chosen to continue their careers in Iowa instead of leaving the state.

“Finding your name on this wall is a journey, but so is a degree. We’ve also had people walk up to this wall and say they’ve made it. Even though they may have made it in the 1930’s, it brings back that excitement of what it was like to receive a degree from Iowa State,” said Iowa State University Alumni Association President, Jeff Johnson.

While the booth has been extremely popular, Johnson says it’s likely the alumni association will find a different way to recognize alumni at the booth next year.