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AMES, Iowa  —  Former Iowa State University students were honored for paying the ultimate price for our country.

Each year at this time, ISU holds the Gold Star Hall ceremony. The families of those who lost their lives are invited to participate for special recognition.

Navy Airman Jeffrey Krommenhoek of Sioux City was shot down while flying an A4 for the Navy in Vietnam. His family appreciates that he is remembered 50 years after he walked on the ISU campus.

“Kristin and Rod called us up and said that they want to do something special for Jeff in recognition for his service. So often we seem to forget those kind of things. We’re so blessed that someone still thinks about the service that he gave.”

Those honored are Wheeler Brooks from Ollie, Iowa, Robert Geoffrey from Sterling, Illinois, James McGough from Fort Dodge, and Jeffrey Krommenhoek from Sioux City.