ISU Cracking Down on Students Breaking Social Distancing Guidelines Off-Campus


Ames, Iowa — Administrators at Iowa State University watched colleges across the country close campuses because of Covid-19 outbreaks and they don’t want it to happen in Ames.

Just days after fall classes began, President Wendy Wintersteen sent a letter to students warning those who aren’t wearing masks or social distancing could be subject to university discipline and even suspension. It’s an added safety measure some students are happy to see.

“I’m here for an education and I don’t want other peoples partying to stand in the way of that,” Iowa State University senior Rachel Rompala said.

“For me personally I was really uneasy about it, but I was thinking about the whole situation, and where things are going, and I’m confident that the university has under control,” Iowa State University freshman Gavin Hamilton said.

“I know I was someone who was driving around last weekend and I was very uncomfortable with the amount of groups that were out in Ames, and I know that I will feel more comfortable being on campus with this mandate,” Iowa State University senior Hannah Emmert said.

The new rules are adding extra pressure to campustown bars.

Blue Owl says it has increased safety measures since students arrived on campus.

“We’ve actually increased staff, making sure that we have extra door guys and for people to keep students separated social distancing as much as they can within their groups while they are in the bar,” Blue Owl owner and manager Preston Snyder said.
In downtown Ames, the arcade bar Time Out is following similar precaution.

Owner, Lance Harding says they haven’t seen the crowds they used to since the pandemic began, but hope everyone follows the university’s guidelines so they can get back to business as usual.

“It does bring us comfort knowing that that is out there but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody is going to listen to it. So hopefully with the students knowing that there are repercussions for not adhering to those rules they will take a little bit more seriously,” Time Out owner Lance Harding said.


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