DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa State Patrol had their hands full on Wednesday morning. Statewide troopers covered 55 crashes and also responded to 49 motorist assists calls.

“We had dozens of crashes right around the metro area, 80/35 was a mess,” said Sgt. Alex Dinkla. “Interstate 80 east of Des Moines and I-35 north of Des Moines those areas all had significant amounts of crashes and a lot of those were all preventable crashes.”

The traffic cams in the Des Moines metro showed a number of crashes that had traffic backed up. Dinkla said there were a few injuries in some crashes, which sent people to the hospital.

Dinkla said that on the first few days of the winter season, it’s not uncommon to have days like this.

“Once one crash happens, its a ripple effect, if 2-4-6-8 crashes happened in those little areas, and certain spans,” said Dinkla. “A lot of it is preventable people drive at inappropriate speeds, inappropriate following distances, and just plain not being ready for the conditions they’re driving in.”

At Drive with Cops in Urbandale, they teach driver education, and especially winter driving skills to young drivers.

“For winter driving like this we go to a parking lot and will show them exactly how to start slower so you don’t spin your wheels.” said Ron Richards, of Drive With Cops. Richards is a retired Polk County Sheriff Deputy. “We show how to add more distance between you and the next driver, and just slow down.”

“What we saw this morning, multiple crashes, so then there’s even more of a back up ,” said Dinkla. “So start your day a little bit sooner plan on taking a bit extra time to go to work.”