DES MOINES, IOWA — Egg prices are climbing again on grocery store shelves. Whenever that happens, some Iowans begin considering their options for raising a mini-flock of their own to provide free eggs daily. One Des Moines Non-Profit is urging City leaders to take the lead in encouraging residents to develop urban farming, and raising chickens as a way to combat food insecurity.

“News stories are covering some of the reasons for soaring egg prices,” said Kathy Byrnes, director of Birds & Bees Urban Farm in a news release. “We need to focus on one major underlying factor. Relying on large-scale egg production leaves us vulnerable to the volatility of economics and supply chain issues, as well as massive poultry losses to avian flu and other diseases.”

Birds and Bees Urban Farm operates in Sherman Hill. Byrnes, and her husband, Ed Fallon raise 13 hens and one rooster. The flock produces nine eggs per day.

“We eat a lot of eggs, Ed is a great omelette maker he will make it over a wood stove,” said Byrnes. “One of the workshops, we have is Intro the Backyard Chickens, and other workshops that Dovetail with that we really want people to learn, it’s becoming. lost art.”

Byrnes and Fallon served on a food security task force. That group gave a final report in 2021.

  “We made some specific recommendations for improving some of the codes and ways to encourage and empower people to produce food, said Byrnes. “The City has yet to take action on the recommendation.”