DES MOINES, IOWA — Catch Des Moines announced on Wednesday that the Ironman triathlon will be held in central Iowa until at least 2025.

“You know, this event not only brings a lot of people to town, but it gives Des Moines more notoriety to the great sports town that we are. This is another niche sport that we do a great job with,” said Greg Edwards with Catch Des Moines.

The 140.6 mile race will start off at Grays Lake for the swim, then athletes will bike through West Des Moines, Madison County and Dallas County and then finish their marathon downtown. 

With many of the athletes coming from all across the country local racers and volunteers hope this can help build the triathlete community here in the metro.

“This is something that’s been in the planning stages for years and years,” said TJ Tollakson, Owner of Diamond Bikes. “So to see it actually come to fruition is absolutely amazing. It really puts Iowa internationally as a location for health, fitness, outdoor activities, and shares this thing that stays very private to how great and amazing Des Moines, Iowa is with the rest of the world.”

The triathlon will cause road and trail closures around Des Moines. For more information on where and when these closures will occur you can visit the Catch Des Moines website.