iPhone Shortcut Helps People Record Interactions with Police


DES MOINES, Iowa — Officers in many departments already wear body cameras. However,  more and more civilians are recording their own interactions with police. Now, iPhone users can do so with a voice prompt.

This iPhone Shortcut app function allows you to automatically record any interaction with a police officer if you get pulled over. 

Once you say, “Siri, I’m getting pulled over,” the shortcut will pause any music that you’re playing, turn down the brightness of your phone, turn on the “Do Not Disturb” function to block any incoming notifications. Siri will then open your front-facing camera and start a video recording. 

Executive Director of the Des Moines American Civil Liberties Union, Mark Stringer said they do believe that a person should record their interaction with the police, but be sure to know the legal guidelines. 

Stringer said you cannot physically interfere with an officer on duty in order to make a recording and you cannot record in private spaces without the acknowledgment of the owner. 

The ACLU also advises everyone to consider their safety before pulling out their phone to record. 

“There’s certainly been instances when police have retaliated when they’ve been reported. So, anyone that’s seeking to report the police should take that into account and keep their safety in mind,” Stringer said. 


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