Ioway Creek: New Name and New Look in City of Ames


AMES, IOWA — The former Squaw Creek that runs through the middle of Ames got a new name to start the year and now its getting a flood mitigation makeover as well. The creek’s name was changed to Ioway Creek earlier this year – still honoring Iowa’s Native American history but with a non-offensive name. Now the creek is being cleared of trees and widened in hopes of preventing future flooding.

“This project was identified after the 2010 floods,” says Ames City Engineer Tracy Peterson – but the problem has persisted longer than that – “We flooded severely in 1993 as well as record flooding in 2010 as well as other floods in 2008 and prior to 1993.”

In hopes of not adding another year to that list, the City of Ames is clearing dozens of trees from the heavily forested banks of the creek. Once the trees are all cleared, the banks will be widened as well. The city hopes the widening of the creek will prevent the flooding caused by upstream runoff into the creek in the past.

The project is being funded with $1.2 million from Ames and another $3.7 million from FEMA. The work is expected to be complete in June 2022.

City Engineer Tracy Peterson welcomes questions, and if you’d like to know more about this project there’s a City Webpage devoted to that.

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