Iowa’s Youth to Participate in Straw Poll

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Around 260 schools across Iowa are participating in the Youth Straw Poll on Tuesday.

Students have the opportunity to cast their ballot for both the presidential and congressional races.

This is the first youth straw poll that also sees a change in voters who are eligible in the upcoming primary.

A new law allows 17-year-olds to vote in both the upcoming caucuses and primary if they are 18 by November 3rd, 2020.

Secretary of State Paul Pate said, “We’re very excited about 17-year-olds having the opportunity to vote in the primaries, and with the Iowa Youth Straw Poll coming up, it’s an opportunity for young people to let these candidates know that their opinions count and their voice is important.”

The Youth Straw Poll is designed to give students hands-on educational experience for what to expect when they come-of-age and are able to vote.

High School Senior at Roosevelt High School Ellie Miglin said, “I’m really excited to actually be able to use my voice and have it count towards something.”

High School Senior at Roosevelt High School Kiki Levy said, “I think that it should be a good indicator of the youth vote because those who are willing to take part in a straw poll will also probably make it to the caucuses.”

As of Tuesday, there are currently 3,849 17-year-olds across the state registered to vote.


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