Iowa’s Former Governor on Life in China


DES MOINES, Iowa — Van Harden, the morning voice on 1040 WHO Radio got a phone call Thursday morning from US Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad. The now ambassador was the long term, two time Governor of Iowa. Harden asked how the Governor’s health was holding up amid the coronavirus.

“Chris and I are healthy and well we’re staying real active we’re doing some walking,” said Branstad.“We’re seeing things get gradually better here in China, people they’re getting back to work but there still a lot of restaurants and businesses that are closed.”

Branstad said everyone going out in public, or into a business must be wearing a mask. Branstad said amidst this crisis he’s working with China to get help sent to the United States.

“I have appointed a task force, to get a personal protective equipment and medical equipment for the United States,” said Branstad. “We’ve already had four plane loads that we’ve sent from China to the United States, such a critical need, for that to save American lives so that’s our focus right now.

Harden asked Branstad if he’d thought about if he were still Governor, what it would be like.

“ I’m so proud of Kim Reynolds I think she’s done a great job and even my granddaughters wrote her a letter the other day just saying how proud they were of what she’s done,” said Branstad, who added that he catches bits of news coverage from Iowa.

The US Ambassador to China was asked if he would be open to a second four years in China, if the President gets re-elected. He said he’s not thinking about that, busy trying to get help from China to the US.

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