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WHO 13 NEWS – There’s an opportunity in the metro to show unity and solidarity for Ukraine.

On Sunday, March 6, a peace rally will be held at the Iowa State Capitol Building. 

Julia Shebarshov is one of the organizers. She and her mom, Irina Obukhovsky, were born in Kyiv and immigrated to Iowa 30 years ago.

“We came over as refugees because we came from a country back in ‘92 with the Soviet Union falling apart,” Shebarshov said.

They came for a better life and to escape persecutions. The recent images bring a sense of urgency.

“We need to help Ukraine right now to fight back,” Obukhovsky said, “because the Russian army has a lot of power and I’m very worried about nuclear power. And it’s very important for not Ukraine only, but for all of Europe, maybe for all of the world.”

From the golden dome of Kyiv to the golden dome of Des Moines, Shebarshov wants people to come together. 

“The more awareness you get, the more people that speak, the more we can make a change of some sort,” Shebarshov said.

“We pray for them. We hope they will be OK,” Obukhovsky said. “We hope Ukraine will be OK and that this war stops soon. It must be stopped soon.”

The rally begins at 1:00 p.m. People are asked to meet at the steps by the Bicentennial Fountain near the West Terrace.