Iowans Think Lawmakers in Washington Should Work Together or Not Get Paid

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Congresswoman Cindy Axne says she does not believe it’s appropriate for “Members of Congress to
to receive paychecks while Iowa families suffer and our security is compromised due to government dysfunction.” So, Congresswoman Axne has requested for her paycheck to be withheld until the government re-opens.

On Wednesday, Senator Charles Grassley was asked if he would do the same, and he said no.

Senator Grassley explained his thought process the following way: “I can say I’m not taking my paycheck, but when government opens up, they are going to get their backpay, at least they always have in the past. Then, in turn, wouldn’t you expect Congressmen to get whatever they didn’t take because of the shutdown. would you expect congressman to be treated different than civil servants?”

Meanwhile, folks we caught up with say even if lawmakers don’t take a check, they won’t feel an impact.

“They`re millionaires,” said Tom Bockoven. “It’s not gonna hurt them.”

And, they say right now the lawmakers don’t even deserve to get paid.

“I think the guys should be fired,” said Bockoven. “They’re not acting in good conscience. It`s not what they were elected to do. If they can’t learn how to play well in the sandbox, then they ought to go home. Forget it. We`ll hire a new team. They`re not working for us.”

“Shutdown is definitely counterproductive,” said Rollie Pardun. “Because, there`s many, many of us that are living paycheck to paycheck or less, and I see them everyday in the can room, come in here after they worked all night and picked cans up…I don`t think probably anybody that`s involved in there that’s making any decisions government wise, should take a paycheck when the people that are working underneath them aren’t getting paid.”


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