Iowans Show Patriotism During Holiday Weekend

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The recent terror attacks aren’t stopping Iowans from showing their patriotism this holiday weekend.

“I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from neighbors and people drive by and honk and I get a lot of waves, I enjoy it,” veteran Steve Beale said.

Beale has lived on city’s east side for more than 27 years. Beale says decorating for the Fourth of July this year took on a different meaning due to the recent tragedies worldwide.

He says showing patriotism, now, is more important than ever.

“It’s basically my patriotism and my love of this country and everything that is going on and what we are doing with our military, I just wanted to let everyone know I think about them,” Beale said. “I love this country and love what this country does for me.”

This isn’t the only time of year his lawn is decorated with flags. He also does it for Labor Day and Memorial Day.

However, this is the first year he has had all of the military flags on display.


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