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DES MOINES, Iowa- The mercury was dipping well below zero around Iowa. Steam plumes were billowing from the tops of buildings in downtown Des Moines.  Around the City of Ames time and temperature signs sported all negative numbers.

“Car started, the only problem, that the air pressure in the tire said that it’s low, it does that when it’s cold,” said LeAnne Fausett of Bondurant.

A sign in the skywalk said to keep the doors closed due to the cold air on the outside.

I’ve been staying on the skywalk the whole time,” said Chris Huebner. “I live downtown and stay on the skywalk, so it’s pretty easy for me.”

“I think hell froze over,and I’ve been using hand warmers,” said Bryante Fletcher, who came to Des Moines from Waterloo. “I actually jacked my heat up to 80 last night just for a spell, cause I don’t want my bill to be ridiculous.”

“I’m from Philadelphia, and it gets cold, but never negative 23, this is just crazy,” said Tourmanine Porter. “I have on three layers, and the only reason I have a jacket on is because I’m in the skywalk, if I was outside I’d have another jacket on.”