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DES MOINES, IOWA – After the 2020 Governor’s Lifesaving awards and the Sullivan Brothers’ Award of Valor event was canceled due to COVID-19, Governor Kim Reynolds hosted the 2020 and the 2021 awards combined.

On Thursday morning the governor gathered with civilians and first responders who were involved in heroic acts to be recognized in the state capitol building.

“The Governor’s Lifesaving Awards represents everyday Iowans doing extraordinary things who have attempted to save someone’s life or assisted in emergency situations,” said Governor Kim Reynolds. “Like our other award winners they represent the very best in our great state.”

Thirty-five total people received either the Lifesaving award or the Sullivan Brothers’ award of Valor. Civilians who attempted to save lives qualified for the Livesaving award; and first responders were eligible for the award of Valor. The Commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public safety read off each individuals heroic actions and why they won the award.

“It is an honor to stand here today and celebrate those who placed the needs of other above their own and answered the call to serve,” said Stephan Bayens, the Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner.

A Lifesaving award recipient won the award because of his actions during a housefire in Creston. He saved two individuals in a house engulfed in flames. He said anyone would have done the same.

“You could see the fire coming it was big and I ran around the front door and opened it. I could not believe how black it was cause it was in the middle of the day, I had no idea where to go,” said Daniel Gutschenritter, a Livesaving award recipient. “It was a minute and it was done. It really wasn’t a big deal anyone would have done the same thing.”

You can view the whole list of award winners and where the events took place on the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s website.